Sunday, 10 December 2017

In the 10th Advent.....

I am very delighted by today's advent treat.........ready to sing along??

"In the 10th Advent window
my calendar gave to me
a scrummy yummy cupcake die"

A yummy cupcake deserves sparkle & sprinkles with candy colours and shiny ribbon....
 So I used my new advent die and added the cutouts from the 2nd Advent die (stars) as sprinkles. A nice shiny Pink and purple ribbon to go with the card and cupcake bases. I covered the icing section in iridescent ultra-fine glitter.
I know a little girl who is going to love this.
Oh, remember how I couldn't think what to do with the skull from the 9th Advent window, well I worked it out.......
 Carol Singing Skulls
Yes, it's a little weird I know, but hey why not, and they do look festive with their little bows (advent 8). Believe it or not I can think of a few people who would think this is hilarious.
I am entering my skeletal choir in 
 Hope you have enjoying my Advent countdown and you are having a great time preparing for the festive excitement.

See you tomorrow
Hugs and happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Saturday, 9 December 2017

In the 9th Advent......

Another quick post I'm afraid. It's been a very busy day, clearing everything from downstairs, taking our eldest to find a new car and posting cards & presents to foreign countries.

"In the 9th Advent window 
my calendar gave to me
A scary little skull die"

I'll be honset.....I'm so into the christmas festive mood I'm struggling to know what to do with this...

So I shall have a bit more of a think and hopefully come back to share whatever creation I come up with.
Sorry for the lack of inspiration.....think my brain is having a little overload at the moment.

See you tomorrow
Hugs and happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Friday, 8 December 2017

In the 8th Advent

Hello, so as well as opening my calendar today I got an extra nice surprise.
When I got home from work we had a front window again.
It was so great and it's hard to believe that only 3 weeks ago we had half our living room wall on the living room carpet.
So now that I have gotten the good news out of the way lets get on with the fun part

"In the 8th Advent window
my calendar gave to me
a cute festive bow" 
So I have made some simple present tags.

Short and sweet today as I have lots to do before the decorators show up next week, yes I'm pleasantly shocked at the prospect. Christmas with a normal living room again :-)

See you tomorrow
Hugs and happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Thursday, 7 December 2017

In the 7th Advent window

Not quite the crafty day I had hoped for, the Plasterer and Plumber showed up today. Apparently (weather permitting) our new living room window shows up tomorrow. So exciting times. It's hard to believe there was a car stuck in it only three weeks ago.

But back to the important business of crafting and advent calendar....ready?

In the 7th Advent Window
My calendar gave to me
A message of seasonal Joy

I wanted to make something a little different with this die and in the end decided to combine it with the 4th advent die (snowfalke) to make a festive badge. I shall be wearing it to our office fuddle.
My husband very kindly took this photo for me, I was struggling to take it myself with our little camera...........(and I'm not a fan of using my mobile for selfies)

I'm entering my badge into the following challenges

Another plus for today is my wonderful friend Heather came over from Shrewsbury for a visit and we had a lovely lunch at our local garden centre.

I hope you will joing me again tomorrow for the next window.

See you tomorrow
Hugs and happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

In the 6th Advent

So it has been a busy old day, but tomorrow should be fun as I have the day off...Hurray! Lots of crafting time with my daer friend Heather.
Have you joined in with us over at Fab'n'Funky challenges yet?
We have a fabluous challenge for you this week.
This weeks challenge is
"All Tied Up"
 (no not a refernece to 50 shades...calm dowm)
Include something you can tie, so ribbon, twine, string, wool

Our lovely sponsor is

Here is my simple offering to hopefully inspire you
I have made a simple birthday card using my Gorguss stamp set, some dapper denim card and ink, TL leaf flourish die, and a selection of promarkers to colour the image.
Please come along and leave some happy thoughts with our lovely ladies.

But back to todays the task in hand.....another line to our song

In the 6th Advent Window
My calendar gave to me
A cute little puppy dog die
I have to say I really wasn't sure about this die when I opened the window this morning. But then I thought about a friend who is doggy mad and adores getting lost in a good book and the answer was simple.
A bookmark
Combine to passions into one, I just hope she likes it.

Well it's getting late and I want to get up early to open the next window.

See you tomorrow
Hugs and happy thoughts
Buffy xx

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

In the 5th Advent Window

Hope everyone has had a great day, are you ready for todays sing along? There's a bit of a twist....

In the 5th Advent window
My calendar gave to me
The die that sholuld be sitting behind this little window is rattling around somewhere inside, I am devastated. Now I have to wait till I either find it in another window OR WORSE I'll have to wait till christmas day to rip it apart.

Now I know some of you are probably think "Just open it and find it ya daft bat" but NO! I will not cheat and peak at others just to find this one now. I shall steal my resolve and patiently wait....I can do this!!!!  I shall look forward to making something.

I do have some fabulous news to share with you all.
We nearly have a living room wall again 😁. They are hoping to get the wall plastered before christmas. (although I think it's far to young for that) As you can imagine we are delighted that the builders our insurance sent out have done so well.
We probably won't have a window till the new year but at least they are doing their best with everything else.

I'm sorry for not having a new project to share with you today but at least we have 20 days left.

Aaaaarrrrrgghhhh!!!!! Only 20 days......oh much wrapping and so little time.....😢

See you tomorrow
Hugs and happy thoughts
Buffy xx
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